HiTimber workshop is organized in co-operation with several partners in order to fulfil future needs for higher education considering innovation, sustainability, international and cross-university approaches. „The project enables partners from different countries and organizations in the sector to share information and what´s especially important about this, the shared material will be compiled into teaching material of timber constructions. That makes it possible in the future to introduce students better to timber construction and design.

Two-week Workshop for students from Lithuania, Denmark, Great Britain and Estonia is held in Lisbon, Portugal. The students were introduced to specifics of designing timber structures and were given a teamwork to design an existing concrete building into a timber-structure building in a manner that would follow all existing construction requirements. In addition to the task, the students participated in lectures about timber structures and were guided in specific questions: the trend of timber high-rise buildings is increasing and more thought is put into how to replace construction materials that are contaminating nature (e.g steel, concrete) with those more environmentally friendly. Wood is hereby the perfect alternative: it is possible to grow it and it is renewable as a resource in responsibly managed forests. Wood is more widely used in construction industry yet education regarding building high-rise buildings of wood is still moderate.

The goal of the HiTimber project is to share best practices of different countries and start processes in universities of wider knowledge in designing, managing construction works and maintaining real-estate.